Quality Monumental Works since 1989

At Kiely Monumental Works we have a wide variety of Headstones to cater for our customer needs. We are conscious of the importance of such a tribute to a loved one. We are most sensitive to peoples feelings and their difficulty in coping with such a situation.

Selecting Monumental Work is quite difficult for a family, but we have always been sympathetic and compassionate from our dealings with bereaved families as Funeral Directors. Most popular Headstones nowadays are our granite Headstones which are to a great extent maintenance free. We can supply Blue Pearl, Paradiso, Padang, Chinese, Black and Bahama or Blue Lagoon. If your preference is for another type we certainly will source it within hours.

We also carry a variety of designs and symbols on Headstones from religious, sporting, floral and nature. We will give the best advice regarding suitability of one for a particular Headstone. We supply grave accessories such as solar lights (both solar and battery), statues, flower pots, vases, bibles and hearts. Even bases and stands can be supplied in the stone type of your choice. Some families request a photograph of a loved one on the Headstone. We send your loved ones photograph to Italy and a ceramic version is returned within two weeks.

We pride ourselves on service, a legacy that has been handed down from previous generations. In truth we owe it to you who have given us the honour and privilege of laying your loved ones to rest and erecting a fitting Memorial in their memory.

If getting to us poses a problem why not let us travel to you. Distance is not really a problem. We do it all the time. We prefer to do business on a personal level rather than on a telephone or by letter. Sometimes if requested, sample proofs of work will be forwarded by Margaret who is Secretary.

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